08 Feb 2012 – Strong public support for proposed Swaffham Supermarket

Strong public support for proposed Swaffham supermarket following public exhibition.

The George Hotel, Swaffham, where the public exhibition was held.

Whilst feedback forms are still being received, Green Issues Communiques’
initial assessment from the 454 completed and received feedback forms has been
reported to Swaffham Town Council as follows:

“We have analysed the feedback forms submitted ( 454) which people completed
after they viewed the exhibition. We would classify 75% of these forms were
supportive of the project. The main reasons for support were people wanting an
end to long journeys elsewhere to shop, support for job creation and support for
Tesco as a brand – the products sold and value.
258 people have said they would be interested in working at the proposed store.
36 % of respondents said in their forms that they would be more likely to visit
the town centre should Tesco go ahead.
71% of respondents said Tesco would be used by the community and 65% said they
personally would use the Tesco store.”

James Garland
Director – Green Issues Communique

A more detailed and comprehensive analysis is currently underway and will form
an important part of the planning application which is to be submitted by the
end of February 2012.

Tony Sweeney of Millngate comments:

“These early results are extremely encouraging and are certainly in line with
many of the conversations I had with local residents at the exhibition. They
also fully support the findings of the independant household survey undertaken
last year and confirm the large amount of business that is being lost to other
towns such as Dereham and Kings Lynn. The need for new jobs in Swaffham also
came across loud and clear, in addition to the strong support for the Tesco
brand. Local traders should also be encouraged by the feedback that over a third
of all respondents would be more likely to shop, eat and drink in the town
centre if the proposed store went ahead.’

Over 800 people attended the exhibition over the two days.